Formula 1 Racecar Seat

One of my favorite jobs is covering F-1 race seats- they’re completely different than anything else I do! The seats are made from bead foam that is put into a bag, and the driver sits on it while it molds to his body shape. This guarantees an exact tight fit.


This is how it looked when it was given to me. The client (a shop out at Sonoma Raceway) wanted me to fix a couple rough spots where the foam pads they had added stuck out, so I peeled back the tape and glued some foam in.



The bright yellow tape is covering the spots I patched up.


The two holes are for the seatbelt.


Because the shape of the seat has so many curves, its hard to use any type of fabric, so I use headliner material, which is foam backed and stretches. The little bit of foam gives a nice small amount of extra padding, also.

James Hunt F1

And here it is- I found out once it was delivered that it was going in the legendary James Hunt’s car! Here he is on that same car in 1977, after beating Mario Andretti.




All in all, one of my favorite types of jobs- I love the ones that have a story behind them!

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