Armchair Re-upholstery

I just finished up a fun re-upholstery project for a local home stager, she had two armchairs that were in need of updating. As a stager, she goes into houses that are on the market and “stages” the perfect home setting- using furniture, pillows, paint, and decor. In creating the perfect atmosphere, the potential buyer can imagine what it would be like to live in that particular house. These chairs were a little tired, and she wanted them to have more of an impact.




The two armchairs she gave me to re-do were a simple style, no cushions (or sewing of any kind to be done), and had just a simple french nail trim.
I began the strip-down, which involves pulling thousands and thousand of staples- by far the most time-consuming part of the job. Once they were all out (and on the floor) it was time to cut the fabric! For this, you simply use the old pieces as a pattern, adding a few inches for pulling it tight.



Then comes the fun part- putting the new fabric on! Once again, thousands of staples are involved. The pieces are tacked in place and then pulled and tightened to the chair. After they are all in place, the decorative nails are installed to give it a finished look. And thats that!


finished chairs




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