Babar Baby Blanket

One of my favorite books growing up was the Babar series. The drawings are wonderful, so I was excited to find that there is a line of Babar fabric by Camelot Fabrics. My older sister was due one week before me, so I decided to make her a baby blanket instead of getting her the books since she has a 3-year-old with a large collection of books already.

I wanted to do a tumblr top after seeing a beautiful quilt my boyfriend’s grandmother, Angie, made using the classic tumblr block. She is an extremely talented quilter, and has given me lots of tips, as well as inspiring me to get quilting! You should check out her blog, Timberhill Threads.

For my blanket, I started with a piece of flannel found in the remnants section at Jo-Ann, a bright and cheery flower print. The size was already the perfect size for a baby blanket, so I just trimmed it square. To cut the blocks for my quilt, I went over to Angie’s and we spent an afternoon cutting and piecing. She has a handy tool that cuts blocks with a 1/4″ seam allowance in one go, so theres no measuring and fussing around with seam allowances. The tricky part was deciding on the order- it turns out I can’t be happy with random! I played with just grabbing blocks and pinning them up on the wall, but it was too random- too many blues next to each other, too many upside-down in a row. In the end, I decided to alternate colors horizontally and not be too worried about how the strips ended up vertically.


Determining the order of the strips


Deciding the order of the strips turned out to be just as difficult as piecing the blocks- I arranged and re-arranged countless times before getting something I was really happy with. I realized here how nice it is to have a large board on the wall to pin the strips to before sewing them together- standing back and looking at it is a necessary step!


The top pieced together


I considered quilting the blanket, but couldn’t decide on a pattern based off of the different patterns of the two fabrics, so I did a simple embroidery stitch around the border.


The finished blanket


It ended up exactly how I wanted it, and was a great way to get started in the quilting process! Next one will be quilted, too.

Here is baby Lola all bundled up in the blanket. What a cutie!

lola in blanket

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  1. I love your new website! I hope you post often so I can see what you are creating. Sweet Lola’s baby quilt turned out so cute. Yes, come on over anytime and we can create something new! One can never have too many quilts! or fun fabrics! Love that Babar print!

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