Silk Dining Chair Re-covering

Last week I re-covered 11 seat bases for a couple re-decorating their house in Healdsburg. They had 8 dining table chairs and 3 barstools, and wanted to get rid of the boring fabric they had and re-do them in a lovely polka-dotted silk. While there is no sewing involved on this style of chair, re-covering is time intensive because it involves pulling lots and lots of staples… These ones weren’t so bad- I’ve seen some with 3 times as many […]

Formula 1 Racecar Seat

One of my favorite jobs is covering F-1 race seats- they’re completely different than anything else I do! The seats are made from bead foam that is put into a bag, and the driver sits on it while it molds to his body shape. This guarantees an exact tight fit.   This is how it looked when it was given to me. The client (a shop out at Sonoma Raceway) wanted me to fix a couple rough spots where the […]

Armchair Re-upholstery

I just finished up a fun re-upholstery project for a local home stager, she had two armchairs that were in need of updating. As a stager, she goes into houses that are on the market and “stages” the perfect home setting- using furniture, pillows, paint, and decor. In creating the perfect atmosphere, the potential buyer can imagine what it would be like to live in that particular house. These chairs were a little tired, and she wanted them to have […]

Babar Baby Blanket

One of my favorite books growing up was the Babar series. The drawings are wonderful, so I was excited to find that there is a line of Babar fabric by Camelot Fabrics. My older sister was due one week before me, so I decided to make her a baby blanket instead of getting her the books since she has a 3-year-old with a large collection of books already. I wanted to do a tumblr top after seeing a beautiful quilt […]